Helping student athletes elevate their life skills so they can grow confident emotionally and thrive socially

The problem our student athletes and coaches face:

Our student athletes are lacking tools which in return affect them knowing who they are, what they stand for, follow through and the ability to complete tasks with excellence.  Many times this comes with leadership from coaches and parental guidance.  Coaches have limited resources and training that help them coach with excellence and getting students to perform with excellence.  When student athletes fall short in character development and support from coaches many struggle with academic eligibility and making wise decisions.  When proper training and support is established students can perform and develop at the highest level.

The EDGE training system is a tool created for high school athletes and their coaches to enhance athletic performance, character development and leadership skills for student athletes.  In addition to making student athletes excel to their fullest potential It develops coaches to be better coaches/mentors.  The EDGE system develops high functioning, excellent coaching which in return creates the championship mindset in athletes.

What do highschools and student athletes get with the purchase of the EDGE system?
  • Preseason, in-season and out-of-season speed, agility and endurance training for all sports, boys and girls.
  • Preseason, in-season and out-of-season strength training program for all sports, boys and girls. Measured success through progressive overload training which results in less injuries.
  • Student athlete character development training.
  • On site coaches training for speed, agility, endurance and strength training.
  • On site coaches training for character development and leadership training.
  • Quarterly/yearly virtual training/support for coaches.
  • Extensive training video library
  • OFA manual with planned training for preseason, in-season and out-of-season training

Youth Suicide

Is up 84% in 2020

Cyber Bullying

Is up 91% in 2020


Is up 72% in 2020

Today’s youth (12-24) deal with more issues than ever. 

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