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OFA Mission Statement

To serve children from all backgrounds and areas who do not have access and the opportunity to participate in athletic training and character development. The OFA foundation will stand in the gap and provide youth athletes, boys and girls, all ages with tools for life both physically and mentally.

OFA Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt foundation that serves a variety of socioeconomically challenged youth with hopes and dreams of improving their life through Sports and Character Development. The OFA foundation provides youth with tools through sports training and a social and emotional intelligence in order to succeed in athletics, academics and life. Tools like Self Talk, Grit and Resilience, Keeping your agreements, Knowing your personal Identity, Personal responsibility and Embracing failure.

  1. Underprivileged lower ses youth athletes from the ages 6-18 years of age. OFA foundation provides resources for training, gear, and character development.
  2. OFA provides resources for the families of athletes who qualify for financial help for travel, lodging and food accommodations.
  3. All athletes, boys and girls, all social economics, all ages.

OFA Foundation is directly partnered with One Family Athletics LLC. One Family Athletics LLC facilitates performance training through summer camps, yearly clinics. In addition to sports performance training OFA also provides financial support for Character development training, athletic apparel support (I.e cleats, training gear and bags).

Board of Directors

Director of Performance/Training 
Greg Howard

Vaea FieFia

Sally Vaea FieFia

Board Member
Will Richardson

Board Member
Brady Southwick

Board Member
Alex Vesia

Foundation Information


1772 E 900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
United States

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