At One Family Athletics we want to honor the Clubs that have put their trust in us with their athletes. To show our appreciation we are offering a sale to Crush Players, Siblings, Cousins, Friends, and Neighbors. Come take advantage of the growth that happens at One Family Athletics through our Flagship Summer Program. Through the summer you will see your Student-Athlete elevate their life skills as they grow confident emotionally and thrive socially, all while dominating on the athletic field. Come join the same Coaches that train with the Poway High School Baseball Team in the Off-Season

Get $75 off the full 8 week program (Usually $475)
$400 for 23 Sessions
Traveling over the summer? We are offering a 4 week package to the Crush options at only $250.
(Usually 3 weeks for $295)


June 10th – Aug 2nd
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
2 Time Slots for Mon/Wed
8:00a – 9:00a
9:00a – 10:00a
Everyone will be at 10:00a on Fridays (Track Day)

Poway High School

One Family Athletics Summer Program 

One Family Athletics summer program is geared toward both male and female athletes who are dedicated to getting better in their chosen sports.  The summer program focuses on speed, agility, and endurance development at the highest level.  The workouts are broken down into three sessions per week.  In addition to the training each athlete will receive leadership and character development.  These sessions have been developed and tested over 10 years with tremendous success.  Topics like self-talk, grit, resilience, self-motivation, failure, and completion of tasks are just a few to mention.  If your child is a serious athlete or someone who wants to push themselves and get better, then our program is for them.  Come join our family today and start their journey toward success and growth.

Session Breakdown

Every athlete will attend 3 sessions per week. Each session will be 1 hour long.  The first two days will be our agility days where the athletes will be broken into groups learning technique and building speed. The third session of the week will be on Friday for a “Track Day”.   These Track Days will be multiple small groups combined for competition and testing at the end of each week. They will be pushed to their max in a competitive peer group setting.

Our goal is to keep the same level of athletes together in each group, therefore, some athletes will be asked to shift groups after assessment from the coaching staff in the first week or two. The goal is to push each athlete at an accelerated pace without leaving anyone behind or holding anyone back. By the end of the summer, each athlete will be stronger, faster, and more mentally empowered to engage and excel in high-pressure competition.

Disclaimer:  One Family Athletics is dedicated to developing young athletes both physically and mentally.  These workouts are geared and have been developed over years training Gold Medalist, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and the top high school and middle school athletes all over the country.  These workouts are hard and demanding but supportive to develop your child no matter what their skill level is.  Our coaches will be testing and observing athletes in our program to be picked for Elite groups.  You may be notified that your child has been chosen for an elite training group.  There is no additional cost to be in these groups.  We believe in every child who has committed and signed up for our summer program.  They will receive the highest level of training and support while they are in the care of our trainers.  We are committed to doing that exact thing, developing your child. 

QUESTIONS? Reach out to Camp Director, Caleb Allen

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ONE FAMILY ATHLETICS RELEASE OF LIABILITY WAIVER In consideration for being permitted to participate in the training programs provided by One Family Athletics, I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree to the following terms: Assumption of Risk: I understand and acknowledge that participating in training activities, including but not limited to running, speed and agility drills, plyometrics, and strength and conditioning exercises, involves inherent risks. I voluntarily assume all risks associated with these activities. Release and Waiver: I hereby release, waive, and discharge One Family Athletics, its owners, instructors, employees, and any affiliated individuals from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, actions, or causes of action that I, my heirs, or legal representatives may have for injuries or damages arising out of my participation in the training programs. Photography, Video, and Social Media Release: I grant One Family Athletics the irrevocable right and permission to use photographs and/or videos taken of me during the training sessions for promotional, advertising, and/or other purposes, including use on social media platforms. Compliance with Rules: I agree to comply with all rules and instructions provided by One Family Athletics during the training sessions. Medical Authorization: In the event of an emergency, I authorize One Family Athletics to obtain medical treatment for me if necessary. I understand that I am responsible for any medical expenses incurred. Knowing and Voluntary Execution: I have carefully read and fully understand the contents of this release of liability waiver. I acknowledge that I am signing this document knowingly, voluntarily, and without any inducement or assurance of any nature.
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